Week 2

I’ve been working a lot again this week and am exhausted so will have to keep this post short but… I’ve lost another 5 pounds! Yay!


Here are the calculations after 2 weeks:

Current weight: 12 stone 12 (180 pounds)

This week’s weight loss: 5 pounds

Total weight loss so far: 10 pounds (4 pounds to go until I’ve lost my first stone)

Goal weight loss remaining: 3 stone 4 pounds (46 pounds)

Snack cravings were worse at the start of this week for some reason but easily fulfilled with copious cups of tea, Atkins protein bars (these are great when craving something sweet – in moderation of course) and small portions of peanuts and rye crackers with houmous. I did buy some high protein/low sugar yogurt called SKYR – it’s Icelandic and looks really cool – and had the intention of eating it with some fruit in the evenings as a sweet treat; but alas, it’s extremely thick and I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t taste great. I tried putting it into a smoothie instead but that also didn’t work out well. It just tasted really bitter and didn’t compliment the fruit at all… Has anyone tried SKYR and have any suggestions on how to use it? Perhaps I’m just not as “hard-core” as those Icelanders…

SKYR - note how thick it is...
SKYR – note how thick it is…

I also had some good friends come over last weekend for a film night and we made a healthy satay, vegetable and tofu stir-fry for dinner which was delicious and very filling. I couldn’t get over just how filling it was and could barely finish my bowl – let alone manage a portion of fresh fruit salad for dessert. Not once have I felt unsatisfied or hungry throughout these past 2 weeks despite the fact I’m eating much less, which makes me realise just how much food I was consuming in excess prior to this…

Nothing is more pleasing to the eye than a whole wok full of fresh, colourful vegetables.
Nothing is more pleasing to the eye than a whole wok full of fresh, colourful vegetables.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I’m off to celebrate with a Fuller for Longer ready meal from Mark’s & Spencer’s which looks absolutely divine… See you in a week! (I’ll post new photos once I’ve lost my first stone) ❤

Week 1

It has only been a week (just under) but I am already feeling the benefits of cutting sugar and carbs from my diet. I feel less bloated, my jeans are fitting just that little bit better, my energy levels have significantly improved and best of all I have lost 5 pounds! I actually weighed myself straight after eating a large breakfast (more about that later) so I’m really happy with that result.

So, my official results after the first week are as follows:

Current weight: 13 stone 3 pounds (185 pounds)

Total weight loss: 5 pounds

Goal weight loss remaining: 3 stone 9 pounds (51 pounds)

Smoothie: mixed berries, spinach, protein powder, a dash of almond milk and water.
Smoothie: mixed berries, spinach, protein powder, a dash of almond milk and water.

The first few days were a little tough in terms of cravings – especially between work shifts when all I wanted to do was curl up on a couch and eat lots of delicious, comforting food; however, working a lot has kept me very busy and active, which I feel is very important. Between shifts I alleviated cravings by drinking lots of water and tea and snacking on small amounts of fruit, vegetables and occasionally cheese (I do love a Babybel). I stuck to high protein meals and smoothies which were very filling and never once felt hungry – there were even days when I was still too full to manage lunch!

I particularly like this diet because it does still allow me to remain sociable. Today, for example, I went for brunch with my friend to Rosie Thistle’s Tea Room (Aberdeen) and was able to enjoy a pot of tea and a full Scottish breakfast which was completely carb and sugar free. Without these little treats, diets can become so depressing and mundane, so I think that it’s really important to keep that up.

In order to stick with this diet long-term, I also need to set myself some incentives! So here’s what I’m thinking (any suggestions welcome):

Rosie Thistle's Tea Room in Aberdeen.
Rosie Thistle’s Tea Room in Aberdeen.

-1 stone (14 pounds): new workout top (in preparation for an increased number of weekly gym sessions).

-2 stone (28 pounds): meal out (keeping within my diet limitations and allowing for a G&T – slim line, of course).

-2.5 stone (35 pounds): hair cut and one new outfit.

-3 stone (42 pounds): begin to allow ONE treat day each week.

-3.5 stone (49 pounds): tattoo.

-4 stone (56 pounds): new wardrobe.

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you for such a positive response from everyone so far – the support has been overwhelming! I’m certainly more determined than ever and hope to continue posting with weekly results throughout the course of this journey. Thank you for reading! I’ll see you in a week.

Day 1

I’ve been in denial about my weight gain for quite a while now but it’s time to do something about it.

Since I stopped dancing over 3 years ago I have been steadily gaining weight (despite a few diet attempts here and there) and quite frankly, I am unhappy and unhealthy. I’m fed up of feeling uncomfortable and crying about it hasn’t helped, so I’m making the brave (and perhaps crazy) decision to take this public with the hope of gaining support and also making it much harder for me to cheat! Seriously, if any of you ever see me with something sugary/fatty in my hands take. me. down.

I’ve seen a few other Facebook friends do this and achieve some great results (well done guys) so I thought I would give it a try. I have never done anything like this before however; so please bear with me!

I’ll start by posting some initial photos. These photos made my heart break but it’s the first step of a very long and hopefully life changing journey. So here we go… *holds breath*

Day 1 WP_20150711_003

Current weight: 13 stone 8 pounds (190 pounds).

Goal weight: 9 stone 8 pounds (134 pounds).

Goal weight loss: 4 stone (56 pounds).

(My goal weight was calculated using the NHS BMI calculator.)

Phew… Now that that’s over with, let’s move on! It can only get better from here, right? Let’s hope.

So the plan is pretty simple. I’m going to start a low carb, no sugar diet which is a diet I’ve had some great success with in the past. The key however, is sticking to it this time (which is where I failed last time). The rules are as follows:

  1. No added sugars whatsoever. I will be allowed some fruit but in moderation.
  2. No carbs/low carbs. I’m working quite a bit this summer which does mean I require some energy so small portions of brown rice/couscous and wholewheat pasta will be permitted but again, in moderation.
  3. High protein and veg intake. I will literally be living off meat, eggs, protein powder and vegetables.
  4. Full fat cheese and milk permitted. Again, in moderation.
  5. No alcohol – at least not for the first 2 weeks. After that, a small celebratory G&T (slimline) will be permitted on occasion.
  6. Daily water intake.
  7. Regular exercise.

Seems simple, right? Unfortunately, the first 2 weeks are the toughest as I fight severe cravings for sugar and carbs. After that? Yes, it should get easier…

It’s going to be a long journey and I’ll need all of the support I can get. If any of you ever have any advice/tips/encouragement/sugar-free doughnuts, please feel free to submit!