Week 3

That’s another 2 pounds off this week. I was much less excited about this because I lost a lot more in the previous two weeks, but I need to remind myself that 2 pounds is still an amazing result. In only 3 weeks, I’ve managed to lose a total 12 pounds! Just 2 pounds to go until I’ve lost a stone!

Current weight: 12 stone 10 pounds (178 pounds)

Weight loss this week: 2 pounds

Total weight loss so far: 12 pounds

Remaining goal weight loss: 3 stone 2 pounds (44 pounds)

Also, here’s a photo to mark my progress after 3 weeks:

After 3 weeks (12 pounds lost)
3 weeks (12 pounds lost)

I still have a long way to go – I’m certainly still not happy with way I look in the second photo – but it’s great to see a difference. Just imagine the photos once I’ve reached my goal weight! I’m so motivated now!

It does get quite difficult from here onwards because I will start to lose less each week as things begin to balance out. From previous experience, I’ve noticed that I get quite frustrated when I lose only small amounts of weight or nothing at all – but I need to remind myself that this is normal. As long as I focus on the long-term goals and take each week as it comes, I should get through this. If anyone has been through a weight-loss journey, please feel free to share your story and any tips on how you remained focused!

In other news, I discovered some great high protein flapjack bars this week which are ideal for a quick breakfast (I am NOT a morning person so this is helpful for me). The trick is to make sure I don’t have more than two bars a week because of the carb content but they only cost 90p and are a much more affordable option compared to Atkins bars (which are about £3 each). They actually contain a higher amount of protein than the Atkins bars as well and are made of gluten-free oats, coconut, high protein soya and rice syrup (natural sweetener). I definitely recommend them!

Trek high protein flapjacks.
Trek high protein flapjacks

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