Week 5

Sorry for the late post – I had a 14 hour shift and just didn’t have the time to write a decent update! I did weigh myself yesterday however and am pleased to report that I’ve lost another pound. I’m actually very surprised by that because – I’m not gonna lie – I had an indulgent week (more on that later)!

Current weight: 12 stone 7 pounds (175 pounds)

Weight loss this week: 1 pound

Total weight loss so far: 1 stone 1 pound (15 pounds)

Remaining goal weight loss: 2 stone 13 pounds (41 pounds)

After reaching my first goal last week, I was in the mood to celebrate and not only enjoyed a two-course meal at the Broadstraik Inn but also brunch at the Sand Dollar Cafe and homemade burgers (thanks Daddy McBee). I did stick to my diet for the most part but probably could have done with a few less carbs… Although it just goes to show you can enjoy yourself whilst maintaining a diet/healthy life choices.

Homemade Burgers by Daddy McBee.
Homemade Burgers by Daddy McBee.

I also decided that this was the week to try some sugar-free baking (you probably now understand why I was so surprised at any weight loss this week)! I used recipes from a blog/book called I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson (link and photos below) which includes a number of excellent sugar-free and low carb recipes. Both the book and the blog provide you with great advice and tips on how to cut sugar from your life and is something I would absolutely recommend that everyone tries at some point in their lives.



This week, I made a raw cacao, raspberry and coconut cheesecake AND dark choc chip cookies which turned out great. Both recipes can be found following the links below:


https://iquitsugar.com/recipe/choc-chip-skillet-cookie/ (I modified this one by shaping the dough into smaller, individual cookies and placing on a baking tray)

Raw Cacao, Raspberry and Coconut Cheesecake.
Raw Cacao, Raspberry and Coconut Cheesecake.
Dark Choc Chip Cookies (with rice syrup, almond meal and 85% dark chocolate).
Dark Choc Chip Cookies (with rice syrup, almond meal and 85% dark chocolate).

I’m now at the point where weight-loss will slow down and even stall from time to time. Although it is important to incorporate treats for long-term enjoyment, there will be weeks where I need to be particularly strict… This upcoming week will be one of those weeks as I plan to exercise more and be as strict as I can in order to boost weight loss. This is where it gets tougher people! Wish me luck 🙂

3 thoughts on “Week 5

  1. Thanks Karla!! I’m doing a modified version of the Atkins diet which essentially involves cutting sugar (apart from naturally occurring – in moderation) and most carbs. So basically, high protein and veg! I am also allowed full fat dairy which helps, but again, in moderation. It’s worked well for me in the past so I thought I would give it another go with the intention of making it more long term. Never heard of PALEO but will look into it! Congrats on your journey so far also! Totally inspiring 🙂 xx


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