Week 8

I’ve lost 2 pounds this week! I can’t actually tell you how I’ve managed to do that because I haven’t made any major changes… I certainly feel a difference though, so much so that when I looked at myself in the mirror this morning I immediately had to call my fiancé through to the bedroom yelling “COME AND SEE HOW THIN I LOOK TODAY!”. He agreed that there was a noticeable difference – funny how the body works eh?

Current weight: 12 stone 4 pounds (172 pounds)

Weight loss this week: 2 pounds

Total weight loss so far: 1 stone and 4 pounds (18 pounds)

Remaining goal weight loss: 2 stone and 10 pounds (38 pounds)

I have been putting more focus into my general happiness this week and am making a point of really finding enjoyment in healthy living. In my opinion, this “diet” isn’t really a diet anymore, it’s a total lifestyle change – and I’ve never felt better. I’ve been trying to have more of a positive outlook on life lately and I’ve also been exploring a lot more. As a result of this, I am discovering new places, ideas, activities and recipes to try. I’m now considering taking up a weekly yoga class and I’m also taking a huge interest in veganism/clean eating. Part of this has been inspired by a beautiful little café I’ve started going to called Food Story (Aberdeen). They serve a lot of vegan/vegetarian food which is delicious and interesting, as well as raw bakes (not many places in Aberdeen do this at the moment so it’s great to finally find somewhere that does!). The coffee and herbal tea is also amazing…


Vegan/gluten free feta, tomato and red pesto wrap with a beetroot salad at Food Story, Aberdeen.
Gluten free feta, tomato and red pesto wrap with a beetroot salad at Food Story, Aberdeen.
Raw lavender and blueberry cheese cake (sugar free) at Food Story, Aberdeen.
Raw lavender and blueberry cheese cake (sugar free) at Food Story, Aberdeen.
Strawberry tea - so colourful!
Strawberry tea – so colourful!

I’ve also been taking a lot of inspiration from searches on Instagram (who knew that social media offers more than just selfies?!). I mentioned Lush last week (my collection of products is rapidly growing by the way) but this week my obsession has been about Pana Chocolate. Amongst my vegan/clean eating research on Instagram I discovered Pana Chocolate which is an Australian company with a shipping centre in the UK. This company produces small bars of raw cacao chocolate which is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free AND refined sugar free! They use all natural and organic products and the ingredients are included on the website. Each bar only contains 6 squares of chocolate which is great for avoiding over-eating/indulging… And trust me, no more than 2 squares at a time is enough as the high cacao content makes the bars very rich. The packaging is beautiful and so far my two shipments have come with personalised hand-written notes and even a free bar, which is just lovely (see photos and link below).

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http://www.panachocolate.com/the-bars.html (click on each bar to find out the ingredients and health benefits of each).