Weeks 13, 14 and 15

As you may have noticed, it’s been a while since my last post. This is partly because I started my 3rd year of uni and things have been busy/stressful, but mostly because I have actually gained 2-3 pounds over the past few weeks and I am so disappointed. I understand this is normal and that it’s not the end of the world as long as I don’t let myself slip – but it’s still discouraging and the one downside to writing this blog is that when I do go through a rough patch, I’m not only letting myself down but the people who have been supporting me on this journey so far. It’s tough! What makes me most upset is that I have not touched refined sugar since I have started this journey – the only reason for my weight gain is that I’ve tried to gradually re-introduce good carbs like rye bread and wholewheat foods back into my diet and now I’ve blown up like a balloon. So, it seems that as long as I want to lose weight, carbs are pretty much off the menu. That’s just the way my body works… Lesson learnt.

I’ve decided that there’s not point in getting myself down about it any longer however, and I’m ready to move on and hopefully push myself to finally get below 12 stone once and for all! That’s the next short-term goal.

I have also spent some time this week trying to identify triggers – my moments of weakness. Here are the 5 biggest triggers I have identified this week:

Summer is over and the weather is getting colder: when the weather is cold, all I want to do is dress in oversized jumpers, curl up in a blanket and eat nice, warm, comforting food. Unfortunately, salads aren’t very warm or comforting and the “curling up” that I’m doing is not the kind that’s going to give me big strong muscles.

Good TV: there is a lot of great TV returning to our screens at this time of year and with that comes couch surfing (again, not the same kind of a workout you’d get from actual surfing) and the desire to eat and drink nice things whilst watching… Sometimes carrot sticks just don’t cut it.

Student deals: there have been lots of great deals and events on this past month which have been very tempting but also very high in carbs and alcohol – they tend to trigger cravings.

Yummy food: unfortunately we are faced with a lot of delicious high carb/sugary foods in time for Halloween and Christmas. It’s just the way things are and it becomes very difficult to avoid – so then come the cravings and the next thing you know, you’re sneaking a few extra carbs in under that oversized sweater of yours, until you realise you look like Santa Claus (maybe that’s it, maybe I AM Santa and I just naturally gain weight at this time of year?!).

Stress: going back to uni means stress, stress and more stress, and when I’m not stressing? I’m sitting on my butt writing coursework and preparing for classes. I prioritise my degree over everything else which means that dieting and exercise are often put on the back burner when I have a lot of work to do.

So those are my obstacles. My next task is to try to figure out how I can overcome them this year in order to get below 12 stone and avoid looking like Santa Claus… If anyone has any tips/advice, as always, get in touch!

I’m also away on a 7 week placement as of next week so please bear with me as it’ll be a particularly busy time and I may not manage to post anything for a while! Until next time… 🙂


One thought on “Weeks 13, 14 and 15

  1. You got this!! There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a little of all of the above… you’ll blow through the holidays and cheap student deals feeling healthier and stronger! :o)


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