Weigh-In Wednesday 4 and Incentives

This cold got progressively worse and has been my major downfall this week. I’ve spent the majority of the past few days doing uni work or resting in bed and definitely didn’t get out enough… I continued to eat carbs which my body so badly craved and I’m totally gutted because I wanted to lose more weight this week but it just hasn’t happened:

Current weight: 13 stone

Weight loss this week: 0

Accumulative weight loss: 8 pounds

Still feeling rubbish but definitely getting better. I am starting to find it hard when I’m not getting the results I hoped for. I am also finding this really tough whilst I’m right in the middle of writing my dissertation so I think now is the time to really focus on some incentives:

1- Trip to Croatia: at the end of June, I will be going on a trip to Croatia with the majority of my year group to celebrate the completion of our 4 year degree. It’s been a lot of hard work (and there’s still plenty of hard work to be done) so we are really looking forward to it. I haven’t been on a holiday in years so I’m very excited; however, I’m already anxious about how I’m going to feel. I’m not going to be able to hide under big baggy jumpers! It will ruin my holiday if I am uncomfortable so I really need to do something about it. This trip is in about 20 weeks and I have the potential to lose about 2 stone in that time if I really, really work hard. That would be amazing.

2- Graduation: both the ceremony and the ball. This is in about 22 weeks (yikes) and I want to look and feel amazing. Even if I lose around a pound and a half each week up until then, I could be 30 pounds lighter!

3- Trip to Canada: this is in 25 weeks and I’ll probably be visiting some old friends. The last time I visited Canada, it really upset me that I had gained quite a bit of weight and I felt ashamed and embarrassed when meeting old friends. We don’t want a repeat of that. If I continue to lose around one and a half pounds a week until this trip, I could be nearly 40 pounds lighter.

I mentioned that one year from now, I’ll wish I had started today… Even in 4 months from now, I could be wishing that.

So, the plan moving forward… This week, I’m bringing back My Fitness Pal to help me keep track of what I’m eating. Any snacks that I have (that aren’t meals) are going to be fruit or veg ONLY. I’m going to get back on track with high protein meals and lower carbs and I’m continuing to avoid refined sugars. I’m also planning a bit of a challenge which I’ll start/talk about next week!

Until then! 🙂

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