Slimming the Stress Away

Dissertation stress is ramping up as the deadline draws nearer so it’s going to be a short post from me this week. That being said, I have stuck to the plan 100% and I’ve found that so easy to do. Simple AND successful. It’s been another good week…

Current weight: 13 stone 6 pounds

This week’s weight loss: 2.5 pounds

Total weight loss so far (since starting SW 2 weeks ago): 5 pounds

I tried a couple more Slimming World recipes this week which were very successful. On Friday I had some serious craving for some comfort food so I tried the SW Deluxe Macaroni Cheese which only amounted to 4 syns per portion (if using skimmed milk as a Healthy Extra A option). It turned out brilliantly and completely satisfied my cravings.

Deluxe Macaroni with leeks, mushrooms and sun-dried tomato.

I’ve also discovered M&S Count On Us chocolate mousse pots and Rowan Glen low fat toffee yogurt which are both around 4 syns so they’ve proved to be excellent treats at night if I’ve used up more syns during the day.

Another thing I’ve really noticed this week is how much more enjoyment I’m getting out of cooking and preparing meals. I’m putting that little bit more time aside in the evenings for this, ramping up the tunes and having a dance around the kitchen which has proved to be an excellent form of stress relief! Feeling good all round! See you next week.


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