Double Chin, Be Gone!

I know… This post is very late. It was just another very busy week and had nothing to do with the fact that I had no idea how to follow my previous post… Okay fine, that had something to do with it. Who knew you’d all enjoy my small triumphs and embarrassing stories so much? Really though, I am so grateful for your support as always.

Current weight: 12 stone 9.5

Weight loss this week: 1.5 pounds

Total weight loss so far: 1 stone 1.5 pounds (15.5 pounds)

I couldn’t think of any stories to top the “star wars pants scenario” and whilst I continue to impersonate a bright pink octopus on a twice-weekly basis, you guys don’t need to hear about that every time. That being said, how do people manage to get out of the water so gracefully? I always try to use the ladder whenever I can and even that is quite the effort when your arms and legs feel like jelly. The pool was pretty busy one evening this week so I had no option but to haul myself out, flopping onto the ground like a seal. A bright pink seal. I probably sounded like one too because I was so out of breath. Fantastic.

So apart from my increasingly varied portrayals of water species and consistent weight-loss, nothing particularly blog-worthy happened this week. So I decided to take some comparison photos and that’s where things got interesting:


Yep. I’m feeling pretty good about that. What a difference a stone makes and good riddance to that double chin! I can’t wait to compare in a few more months…

Until next week! 🙂

One thought on “Double Chin, Be Gone!

  1. Hey Girl Hey!!!! You look great and even more than that your determination is on fire! Your success is very inspiring love ya mm ps name of ysl mascara again snap me

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